Hey 👋, my name is Erick Arias. I'm a product designer working on the Commerce team at Meta. For over 15 years I have built my career on delivering value and improving the lives of users.

A little bit about me

My design approach is methodical and rooted in a deep understanding of the problem I am trying to solve. I ruthlessly prioritize the most pressing issues first and quickly learn from every iteration through qualitative and quantitative feedback. 

These are some of the organizations I have helped in the past: Meta, VMware, Pivotal Labs, The US Air Force, The Home Depot, Santander Bank, The University of Chicago, BCG, Motorola Solutions, and more. 

I spend time every week mentoring other designers on ADPlist. Read through some of the reviews people have kindly left me. 

Listen to my interview on the "What is UX" or connect with me on Linkedin.


Case Studies


Redefining Enterprise API Management

US Air Force

Building modern software for the US Air Force

The Home Depot

Improving the appliance home delivery experience

Want to chat? Contact me at erick@erickarias.com

Erick Arias


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